Learn how to organize and run meetings

that are purposeful and effective!

(If you would rather have me run the meeting,

see Facilitating meetings )

If you'd like personal coaching in best practices, give me a call. (Scroll down to see some tips.) Or, if you'd like me to train your staff in integral facilitation, I can design and present a custom training for your group. 

Here are some tips that can help keep your group on task:

  • clarify your purpose before and during the meeting 

  • create a complete agenda (with times, content, who leads what, etc)

  • establish group agreements about behavior

  • set up a "parking lot" to put extraneous topics

  • notify participants of what to bring  or do or read before the meeting

  • take minutes 

  • assign people to every action item for accountability

  • intervene as necessary, with the lightest effective touch (e.g., monitor your own judgments and inferences, ask curiously about what's going on, refer to the group agreements, change the activity, talk to the person)

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