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Improving results

Improve results by

learning how to organize and run meetings

that are both efficient and effective!

(If you would rather have me run the meeting,

see Facilitating meetings )

​Personal coaching in planning and leading meetings 

Facilitation training for you or your organization
are investments that lead to

better results

What others say...

Bill Herrick.jpg

Barb's strongest asset is her ability to facilitate and effectively manage meetings

and groups of people. She also excels in training teams, leading work groups

and collaborating with others to resolve any issues to find that balance

between the healthcare sector and governmental regulatory division of which she served.

-- William Herrick

retired environmental services professional

Brad Wolbert.jpg

"As Barb's manager for several years, I relied on her skills, wisdom and

experience to carry out the DNR's medical waste management and reduction program.  

Barb was an outstanding employee and will make a spectacular consultant, given

her deep knowledge of the technical issues, her understanding of people

and organizations, and her work ethic."

---Brad Wolbert, Bureau Director, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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