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Resources for Strategic Planning

Here are resources I both use and
recommend for planning purposes.

You can use them yourself or ask me
to help you lead your planning process

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TLW Strategy's strategic planning
framework (simplified)

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Ecocycle Planning

Ecocycle Planning helps groups and individuals to see the big picture of what they are doing and to choose next steps.  

  • It is useful for anyone, any size organization and at any stage from forming to disbanding. 

  • It helps everyone to see the big picture, together.  

  • It's easy to learn because it's based on a life-cycle metaphor.

  • It invites people to talk about perspectives and values.


Ecocycle Planning can be done in person or online in 60-90 minutes and it can form the core of longer planning sessions.


You can download my handout about Ecocycle Planning here.  The handout provides step-by-step instructions and suggests ways to use the Ecocycle.


In this blog, I share how I used Ecocycle Planning helped a non-profit reorient its efforts in a more positive and effective way.  I'd be happy to lead the Ecocycle for your group, too. Book a time to talk about it. 


Ecocycle Planning was developed by Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz and is shared under a Creative Commons license.

TLW Strategy's Strategic Planning Framework

Do you get confused about all the terms used in strategic planning? Many people do. 


To cut through the confusion, I use and recommend Trina Walker's strategic planning framework. It expresses the basic elements and process of strategic planning in plain English, namely, WHY your organization exists (mission and vision), the HOW (values), and the WHAT (strategic priorities, goals and action steps). 

Since 2020, Trina and I have collaborated to lead strategic planning for various groups and to teach the basics of planning using this framework.  Set up a time to talk about your planning needs. 

Note: If you'd like to see the full framework, send an email Trina Walker of TLW Strategy and say "Please send me your Strategic Plan Framework." 


SOAR is a planning process that uses appreciative questions to plan for the future. SOAR stands for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. This process is more positive than the commonly used Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis process.


What I love about SOAR is that it energizes people! It also builds trust and connections and generates positive change. 


SOAR helps groups focus on the results they want and capitalize on what has worked in the past. SOAR is very adaptable and can be used with both small and large groups, in just a few hours or for a longer time. 

Schedule a time to talk if you are interested in using SOAR with your group. 

Our Workshops

If you think planning takes too long, is boring, and that plans become obsolete quickly, you may be surprised to learn that planning can be fast, fun and flexible!


We customize strategic planning sessions to meet our clients' needs.  We'd be happy to talk with your about yours and to submit a proposal for your consideration. Book a call to discuss what you have in mind. 

We also periodically offer planning workshops. For example, in "Help! We Need a Plan!," you can learn and practice simple yet powerful tools to help you lead your group and draft the essential components of a strategic plan in a surprisingly short time.


Our clients consistently tell us that our events are informative, practical, engaging and really helpful! 


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