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About Barb Bickford

Head shot of Barb Bickford

Owner and principal 
Bickford Collaboartion, LLC

Who I am as a professional

Barb Bickford sitting in a cubicle in 1998

There I was, an introverted fact-oriented 

Professional Geologist (PG) in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, in my cubicle, 

happily reviewing groundwater data and technical
plans for landfills.

Suddenly, I got a mid-career assignment 

to coordinate Wisconsin's Medical Waste program.

It required me to work closely with people.
How would I do that?  What did I know about 
healthcare  -- let alone collaboration?

I set about learning, and I continue to learn

A woman standing in front of a truck and infectious waste containers
Barb Bickford leading a discussion in a conference room

Although shifting gears wasn't easy, I grew to

become well-known statewide and nationally
for collaborating on challenging and emerging issues such as reducing 
pharmaceutical waste 

and managing highly infectious waste.

I observed first-hand how collaborative
leadership (or lack of it) can impact results

I learned how to transform my meetings.
I now focus
 on helping others transform theirs.

Together, we can make a greater impact 
by transforming our meetings and our selves

A group of people sitting around a table discussing things

Who I am as a person

Barb carrying a canoe upstream

I've been focused on improving water quality since my first Earth Day.  I've gone...

  • from preventing groundwater contamination 

  • to recycling and reducing waste 

  • to changing public policies that create waste

  • to transforming how we meet and supporting leaders to do the same --

I'm always moving upstream

I've been moving upstream personally too,

developing myself by embracing life challenges

such as overcoming low-self esteem, living with persons who have a mental illness, 

divorcing, being a single parent, losing a child,

supporting aging parents and starting a business. 

Barb paddling a canoe
A man and a woman, smiling broadly, outside with trees in the background

I live in a small town near St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) with my family and a cat who thinks it's human. My husband (also a geologist) and I are both Minnesota Water Stewards. We keep busy planting trees, pulling buckthorn and planning our next canoe trip.  

And I do what I can to improve the environment as a business, as well.

Read my Green Business scorecard here

Barb Bickford holding up a Green Business Award certificate
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