My passion is to improve the health of people, organizations and the environment.  Here's what I have to offer:


  • Experience -- I apply my extensive experience in the public sector and in non-profits involving public health and environmental health, which enables me to grasp both the technical details and the big picture. 

  • Knowledge -- I use a holistic model of collaboration that helps me assess what is happening and offer services to support your goals. 

  • Acceptance -- I help leaders and their groups live their values and accomplish impressive results, starting with accepting things as they are. 

  • Hands-on active learning -- I use interactive activities that tap the wisdom of everyone in the group.  These activities are easy to do, effective, very adaptable and fun! 

Barb Bickford
Founder and Principal

Since my first celebration of Earth Day, I've been focused on improving water quality and growing capacities to do something about it.  

In my career, I'm always moving upstream. From closing open-burning landfills to approving better landfills to recycling to keep waste out of landfills to changing public policies that create waste in the first place -- I'm always looking for ways to transform things for the better.

For many years, I served as a Professional Geologist (PG) and the Medical Waste Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. There, I was well-known for collaborating on emerging issues such as keeping pharmaceutical waste out of the Great Lakes and managing highly infectious waste. I took advanced training in facilitation and workshop design. I discovered I love working with groups as much as I love clean water! 


After relocating to Minnesota, I chose to combine health, water and groups by focusing primarily on public health, environmental health and personal development. I regularly travel to Madison, Wisconsin, to teach The Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration, a dynamic and hands-on 5 day experience of the power of groups.  

I'm moving upstream personally too.  I've gained inner strength from facing life challenges such as low-self esteem, living with persons with mental illness, verbal abuse, divorce, single parenting, the death of a child, aging parents, a major move and starting a business.  All have been opportunities for transformation and peace-making. 

I now live in Stillwater, MN, with my husband and a cat who thinks it's a human. My husband and I are both in training to be Master Water Stewards. I love camping, music and gardening and I'm busy planning our next wilderness canoe trip. 

I hate boring meetings as much as you do.  I love working alongside others who are creative, practical, enthusiastic and willing to grow, change and heal.  If you are that sort of person, let's talk about how we can make this world a healthier and more peaceful place through collaboration!

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