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What organizational leaders think of Bickford Collaboration


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Angie Lemar consulting icon_edited.jpg

[Before taking the Quick Planning workshop,] we were quite scattered, and unsure, on how to approach a solution to a problem we were having.

Through the steps of the workshop, we were able to narrow down the priorities of the project, identify where we needed support, and formulate a plan for executing what we needed to solve the problem.

The steps were clear and manageable. We appreciated having time during the session to get ideas started that we were easily able to pick up again on our own time.

--A.L, Consultant

Sandy Salve 2 crp.JPG

Barb brings both exceptional skill and knowledge to her work, as well as a deep dedication to excellence. 

She constantly strives to learn better approaches and to deliver outstanding service while mindfully tending to the needs of all participants and sponsors.

-- Sandy Salvo, facilitator and health coach

Tisha Brown 2.jpg

I worked with Bickford Collaboration to provide concrete meeting skills and tools to lay leaders within congregations. 


Barb has been really easy to work with. She is efficient and flexible. Our first session went incredibly smoothly and the participants were extremely grateful for the concrete skills and frameworks for how to lead better meetings that they acquired.


We will definitely work with Barb going forward and can see many different ways of engaging with her and the expertise and tools she brings.

--The Reverend Tisha Brown, pastor and former director of The Damascus Project online course platform

Charlotte Smith.jpg

Barb is one of the nicest people I know and is consistently ready to offer her 'best self' to others for the benefit of the common good. 

She can motivate groups and individuals, and  encourage them to stretch their goals and achieve them.

-- Charlotte Smith, President, GreatWorks LLC and founder of PharmEcology 


Barb is a great facilitator!!!


A few years ago, I saw Barb in action as a facilitator at conference in Maryland where the topic was the Ebola crisis. She was able to energize a group of people - approx 70 , many who did not know each other -- which turned out great as we all contributed to the conversation.  

More recently, I engaged Barb for a smaller meeting with a group of medical waste regulators from around the US. From the initial conversation to the actual event, a period of 4 months, Her enthusiasm, her inputs and organization for items for the meeting were incredible. She kept me on task !!! and she kept the group on task during our two day meeting.

Barb understands what needs to be the general structure of meetings so a group can achieve

maximum ROI. Can't wait to use her talents again!

-- Ed Krisiunas, medical waste management consultant, WNWN International 

Angela Fleming (2).jpg

Barb is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

She presents information in a down to earth way.

She is passionate about the environment and you can’t help but catch the bug!

-- Angela Flemming, Dietary/Environmental ServicesDirector at The Richland Hospital Inc  


Barb did a fabulous job of moving us towards thoughtful solutions. 

-- C.M., state regulator

(Photo credit: Pedro Lasta on Unsplash)

Troy Taubenheim (1).jpg

Our organization is a council of teaching hospitals with an organizational structure that hasn’t changed for many years. We wanted to review our structure, purpose, by-laws, membership and mission.

Barb and her colleague Trina Walker gathered input from the 12 board members about the value in existing work and opportunities for future focus. They provided relevant support by researching our organizations and listening to all the members.


Barb and Trina adapted to a moving timeline and scope to come up with actionable next steps which targeted areas for growth and change with some tangible items we can accomplish. The measurable results were clearly-defined next steps and a road map that we will follow on our own.

--Troy Taubenheim, Director, Metro Minnesota Council on Graduate Medical Education (MMCGME) 

Carol Coffey Hannah crp.jpg

During our Board retreat, I was hoping to receive greater clarity with my role on the Family Alternatives Board. While there are similarities for every board, there are also unique aspects of each Board. I wanted clarification of how I might add to FA’s Board.

Barb asks great questions in a non-intrusive manner and really listens to your perspective. In addition to effective communication skills, Barb showed great adaptability as we were processing. I enjoy her style of facilitating the process and getting out of the way to allow the process to evolve.

-- Carole Coffey Hannah, Ed.S., L.P., Family Alternatives Board member

Steve Brachman (2).jpg

Barb brings a unique and effective set of skills and enthusiasm to any project she tackles. It was my good fortune to have worked with her for over 25 years to further sustainable solutions to pressing environmental problems.


For example:

​-- Barb used her expert facilitation skills to build enthusiasm for a new way of managing waste medications as co-coordinator of Wisconsin’s Pharmaceutical Waste Working Group (PWWG).​

-- Her leadership skills led to the formation and development of WI Healthcare for a Healthy Environment (WH2E) and the PWWG.
-- She trained and supervised college student

pollution prevention (sustainability) interns in their work at hospitals.
-- Utilizing her excellent teaching skills, Barb led numerous state and national workshops on medical waste reduction and mercury elimination.


No matter what the challenge, you can always count on Barb to deliver!

-- Steve Brachman, waste management specialist, retired, University of Wisconsin Extension

Bill Herrick.jpg

Barb's strongest asset is her ability to facilitate and effectively manage meetings and groups of people.


She also excels in training teams, leading work groups and collaborating with others to resolve any issues to find that balance between the healthcare sector and governmental regulatory division of which she served.

-- William Herrick, retired environmental services professional and consultant

Paul Warden.jpg

Barb was a well-respected medical and pharmaceutical waste regulator and now excels at group facilitation.


Recently, she used skills from both worlds to deftly guide our sometimes fractious group of state regulators and industry experts through a two-day program regarding applicability of current regulations for the treatment and disposal of medical and other biohazardous waste, including disaster preparedness situations involving biological agents.

Barb's blend of small and large group work was integral to our progress covering a large topic range and her skill at managing individual presentations vs. group cross talk was key to maintaining the flow of ideas while preventing chaos.

I strongly recommend Barb for anyone in need of group facilitation.

-- Paul Warden, Vice President and Director of Operations at Analytical Services, Inc.

Brad Wolbert.jpg

As Barb's manager for several years, I relied on her skills, wisdom and experience to carry out the Wisconsin DNR's medical waste management and reduction program.  


Barb was an outstanding employee and will make a spectacular consultant, given her deep knowledge of the technical issues, her understanding of people and organizations, and her work ethic.

-- Brad Wolbert, Bureau Director, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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