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We help organizations to:

  • Create flexible strategic plans

  • Improve meeting results

  • Develop group capacity

  • Host collaborative meetings ad workshops


Contact us today to describe what you want to have happen!​


We meet where you are -- during the pandemic, we held "driveway gatherings"!

Strategic Planning

If you think planning takes too long, is boring, and that plans become obsolete too soon, you may be surprised to learn that planning can be fast, flexible and even fun!

We customize strategic planning sessions to meet our clients' needs. We'd be happy to talk with your about yours and to submit a proposal for your consideration. 

We also periodically offer planning workshops on our own and through member organizations. 

Learn more about our planning methods then book a call to discuss what you have in mind. 

Group Development / Retreats

Does your group need some time away from urgent business?  An online or in-person retreat could help your move forward with more clarity, connection and purpose. 


Board retreats; A pre-retreat assessment will help you identify your board's strengths and areas for improvement. Each board retreat covers the basics of board governance and one or two bottlenecks chosen by your board leaders. We end by co-creating a list of next steps which will move your board forward.


Other retreats: Retreats tend to be very individualized. We design these retreats to support your goals.  Contact us to discuss what you have in mind. 

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Custom Courses and Workshops

We design and lead engaging and practical courses and workshops for organizations to offer their staff and/or members, such as: 

  • Quick and fun strategic planning (workshop/course)

  • Simple & effective ways to increase engagement (workshop)

  • Leading better meetings (course)

  • RestUP: the seven types of rest (workshop)

  • Better Communication through Deeper Listening

  • Beyond Bob: Exploring Alternatives to Rober'ts Rules

  • Creating Robust Questions

  • Building Trust in Groups

No matter what the topic, we design for learning! Make your next event more effective and even enjoyable by truly engaging your participants. Schedule a time to discuss what's possible.  

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