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Examples of how I have assisted leaders to lead meetings and events and develop their organizations

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Government board retreat and team development (in person and online)

Worked with watershed district staff to plan and execute an in-person board retreat for the watershed Board of Managers.  Planned  and executed seven meetings to help the recently formed Citizen Action Committee (CAC) to get to know one another and their shared tasks. Pivoted meetings from in-person to on-line due to the pandemic.

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Non-profit board strategic planning (online)

Planned and facilitated online a strategic planning process for a lake association board preparing to lead a public visioning process for the future of the lake and surrounding land. Updated mission statement and identified stakeholders, strengths, opportunities and aspirations.  

Facilitators' user group (online)

Planned and executed with two others, an experimental online program for facilitators who have realized that access to fancy tech and fast internet varies widely, and that we need to design our meetings to actively include participants on the phone. 

Facilitators' community of practice (hybrid)

Presented a hybrid workshop (both in person and online) to share models of trust, to be aware of behaviors of trust and to explore how facilitators can foster trust.  The session included a surprise posthumous visit from Ms. Emily Post, who discussed the importance of etiquette in building trust. 

Infectious waste regulators meeting

Developed a collaborative online space for regulators from several states to prepare for a two day meeting on infectious waste treatment.  At the meeting, facilitated highly interactive activities, including a timeline icebreaker, rapid updates, and small group and large group discussions.  Participants successfully assessed the status (past, present, future), summarized the technologies and challenges of treating infectious waste in the US, and scoped out a plan for moving forward. 

Healthcare provider facilitation training

Co-created and co-facilitated a one-day workshop to introduce employees of a healthcare provider to integral facilitation and apply it to their daily work. Presented workshop sessions to help participants 1) identify and overcome fears about facilitation by practicing skills for staying  present and aware, 2) practice effective processes for group collaboration and innovation, 3) foster safety and respect within groups, 4) minimize disruptive behaviors in meetings, 5) diagnose meeting challenges and 6) practice skills in a safe environment.

National workshop on highly infectious waste

Designed and facilitated breakout room processes for a one-day national workshop on managing highly pathogenic waste (e.g., from Ebola).  Enabled a wide variety of stakeholders (local, state and federal agencies, educational institutions, legislators, environmental regulators, waste vendors, the military, faith-based organizations and the general public) to share their perspectives and concerns Aggregated the input and helped the entire group to reach general agreement on what ought to be done before the next major disease outbreak.  

Multi-stakeholder working group

Co-chaired the Pharmaceutical Waste Working Group for 7 years, to reduce the impact of pharmaceutical waste on Wisconsin’s environment and communities. Guided the group to successfully support the collection of household pharmaceutical waste, educate the public and influence public policies regarding the management of unused pharmaceuticals from homes and businesses, despite the group not having any authority or budget. 

Joint hospital/government training

Designed a two-day training for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff in collaboration with a private hospital regarding hazardous waste inspections in healthcare facilities. On Day 1, hospital staff showed DNR how their departments created and managed wastes. On Day 2, DNR staff did a mock inspection of the hospital. All participants gathered later to discuss what they learned and how they might work more collaboratively in the future.

Environmental non-profit

Co-founded Wisconsin Healthcare for a Healthy Environment (WH2E) and served its steering committee.  Designed and led multiple one-day interactive workshops to encourage collaboration among healthcare facilities, vendors, academia and regulatory agencies on environmental topics such as mercury, pharmaceutical waste, hazardous waste, infectious waste, recycling and pollution prevention. Organized and led panel discussions, problem-solving small groups and networking activities during each workshop. 

Government agency integration team

Chaired a small team for six years to offer informal noon-time social events at least monthly to help integrate agency staff.  For example, staff shared about their work projects, hobbies and travel. The events enabled staff to meet and know colleagues, to practice presentation skills and to educate one another about cross-program issues within the workplace. The social events also provided continuity during and after a major staff reorganization. 

Facilitation training for church leaders

Trained church leaders in two states how to plan and lead meetings that both accomplish the business of the church and attend to the needs of the faith community.  Adapted a several-day in-person training for presentation on the denomination's online educational platform. The class met online in six 2-hour blocks and did a variety of pre-session and post-session activities, reading assignments and reflective questions. 

Church Retreat

Created and led a one-day retreat for a small but growing church with the intention of building relationships and a sense of community. Using the metaphor of the church as a circus, facilitated the approximately 40 attendees to explore topics of trust, interdependence, purpose, culture, acceptance, safety and care.

How would you like to improve your organization's meetings? 

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