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Facilitating meetings

Sometimes you'd rather not lead a meeting yourself

I can facilitate the meeting's process on your behalf

(To learn how to lead meetings yourself, see Improving Results)

​Before  I'll help you clarify the meeting purpose, create a strong agenda, set expectations for participants' preparation and work through challenges. 

​During  I'll help the group connect to each other and to the purpose for the meeting, establish operating agreements, develop criteria for sound decisions, create proposals and make decisions.  

​After  I'll debrief your meeting with you to make the next meeting even better.    

Special note:

An experienced facilitator can lead a group without knowing the subject matter. However, if subject matter knowledge or experience matters to you, I offer:

  • broad understanding of public health, environmental science, regulation, sustainability and emergency preparedness

  • deep knowledge of waste management, waste reductionmedical waste and pharmaceutical waste

  • extensive experience in government and non-profits 

  • transformative experience with challenging life situations

What others say...


"[Barb is] A great facilitator!!!

"A few years ago, I saw Barb in action as a facilitator at conference in Maryland where the topic was the Ebola crisis.  She was able to energize a group of people - approx 70 , many who did not know each other --

which turned out great as we all contributed to the conversation.  

"More recently, I engaged Barb for a smaller meeting with a group of medical waste regulators

from around the US.  From the initial conversation to the actual event, a period of 4 months,

her enthusiasm, her inputs and organization for items for the meeting were incredible.

She kept me on task !!! and she kept the group on task during our two day meeting.

"Barb understands what needs to be the general structure of meetings so a group can achieve

maximum ROI. Can't wait to use her talents again!"
--- Ed Krisiunas, medical waste management consultant, WNWN International 

Paul Warden (2).jpg

"Barb was a well-respected medical and pharmaceutical waste regulator and now excels at group facilitation. Recently, she used skills from both worlds to deftly guide our sometime fractious group of state regulators and industry experts through a two-day program regarding applicability of current regulations for the treatment and disposal of medical and other biohazardous waste, including disaster preparedness situations involving biological agents.

"Barb's blend of small and large group work was integral to our progress covering 

a large topic range and her skill at managing individual presentations vs. group cross talk

was key to maintaining the flow of ideas while preventing chaos.

"I strongly recommend Barb for anyone in need of group facilitation."

-- Paul Warden, Vice President and Director of Operations at Analytical Services, Inc.

"Barb did a fabulous job of moving us towards thoughtful solutions."
-- C.M, state regulator

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