Are your meetings
ineffective, boring or frustrating?

Do you lack the time or know-how 

to make meetings more collaborative? 

I can help you be an effective leader
of efficient and engaging meetings 

Or, I can lead meetings on your behalf
so you can relax and participate 

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What is challenging about your meetings? 

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Quick and Fun (?!) Strategic Planning - Even Now!

September, 2020, date to be announced or on demand

Experience online tools that will align your people with common direction while including diverse perspectives. Schedule this online immersive workshop for your organization today! 

I'm Barb Bickford -- a scientist, group facilitator and trainer
working at the intersection of people, science and health. 
I support individuals and organizations that want
to change the way they work together -- for the better!


As a former staff scientist in the public sector, I saw how

poorly-led meetings led to lackluster results, 

 top-down decisions were challenged, delayed and
sometimes even sabotaged by people who felt left out, and

fear of conflict kept people from sharing their best ideas
This created a lot of
unnecessary stress and
the environment and public health suffered too.

What the lack of effective collaboration

is doing to public health and the environment 

and to you just isn't right!


Rev. Dr. Tisha Brown,
Co-Director, The Damascus Project

Our participants were extremely grateful for the concrete skills and frameworks they learned from Barb for how to lead better meetings. 

William Herrick,  Environmental Services Professional (retired)

Barb's strongest asset is her ability to facilitate and effectively manage meetings and groups. She also excels in training teams and collaborating with others to resolve issues. 

Dee Relyea, M. Ed., SoulCollage(R) Facilitator

Barb helped me create
five interactive online workshops.  Her supportive demeanor and generosity were a true godsend!

With Barb’s guidance, my workshops were well-received -- the participants loved them!  

Steve Brachman, Waste Management Specialist, (retired) University of Wisconsin Extension

Barb brings a unique and effective set of skills and enthusiasm to any project she tackles.
No matter what the challenge, you can always count on Barb to deliver!

What do you want?

I can help you get there!

Stop wasting time in meetings

Start making a real difference
Be an effective collaborative leader

Online, I work with English-speakers anywhere 
In person, I work primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin

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Clarify what you want: your aspirations, goals and desired results
Determine your next steps toward being an effective  leader

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