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Tired of boring, frustrating and unproductive meetings?

Stop struggling to lead better meetings

Stop letting poor meetings delay your progress

Start getting better results!

Group leadership skills can be learned!
Our practical and interactive workshops can
help you make your world better
by changing your meetings -- for good!

We help leaders plan and/or lead
meetings, workshops and events with skill and confidence

Make your next meeting
more efficient, engaging and effective!

2020 - Barb and Mike - Block Portrait St

Do you need a quick way to
capture the big picture and choose next steps? 

Here's a resource that can also help you
-- Identify leverage points

-- Help your team appreciate each other

-- Quickly adapt during times of change

Learn more and access the Ecocycle activity

Do it with a group or on your own

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Ecocycle on paper.jpg

Photo credits: Marcy Fortnow (left) and moi (right)


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Transitions and New Beginnings Retreat
-- in person on the weekend of April 5-7, 2024, Marathon Wisconsin

Change happens. We change jobs, careers and move.  We experience illness, empty nests, deaths of loved ones. Join us as we explore ways to move through transitions toward new beginnings, with conversation, movement, intuitive art (no talent needed) and more. This retreat will be held in the lovely St Anthony Spirituality Center near Wausau, Wisconsin (less than 3 hours from both Madison, WI and the Twin Cities, MN.)  Register here

Plant-A-Seed Networking for members of the Stillwater MN Area Green Business Directory
-- in person December
12, 4:45 - 6 PM

Stillwater MN's green business happy hour club, tentatively titled “Plant a Seed” is a happy hour/networking event exclusively for Green Businesses Directory Members. This is not your typical networking event!  Learn more and register


Grow and Let Go 
Living things – including projects and organizations – are in a constant flow of growth and renewal. In this workshop, you'll use a tool (the Ecocyle) that can help you view, organize, and prioritize what you are doing now and identify obstacles and opportunities for progress. Schedule this workshop for your group. 

Quick (and fun!) Planning

Align your organization toward united action! In less time that you'd think possible, you can both draft a Why-focused mission statement and gain new insights on how to implement your Why in 2024. In two 90 minute sessions and with a couple more sessions with your group, you can draft the essentials of a strategic plan that is both structured and flexible. Book a short meeting to work out the details.  

RestUP workshop
Being well-rested isn't just about getting a good night's sleep! In this 90 minute workshop, you'll learn about the seven types of rest, experience several of them and make a plan for getting just a little more rest. If you are interested in hosting a RestUp workshop tailored to your group, contact RestUP.


Simple and Effective Ways to Increase Engagement

In 60 to 90 minutes, your group will experience three versatile easy-to-learn activities that will increase participation in your meetings.  You choose the topic!  Set up a time to discuss what you want your group to do. 

Better Communication: an Introduction to Clean Language

Want to improve communication in your workplace, organization and life? Experience listening at a deeper level by using a two very versatile, un-biased and non-leading questions. Read this introduction to Clean language, then set up a time to talk about what's possible with your group. 


Do you find it hard to get people to participate in your online meetings?

Access ten tips to foster online engagement

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Photo credit: Kristian Angelo on Unsplash


Does your non-profit board need a jump start or some time away from urgent business?  An online or in-person retreat could help your board move forward with more clarity, connection and purpose. 


A pre-retreat assessment will help you identify your board's strengths and areas for improvement. Each board retreat covers the basics of board governance and one or two bottlenecks chosen by your board leaders. We end by co-creating a list of next steps which will move your board forward.  

If interested in breaking through your board's bottleneck, contact us

Woman smailing broadly and wearing a headset in a Zoom window

I'm Barb Bickford.  
I help leaders who struggle to lead meetings
or are frustrated with the results 
of their meetings

Through my consulting, I guide groups
toward strategic clarity and creative solutions

Through my workshops and courses, I help people
collaborate and lead with confidence

Together, we can make your meetings

more efficient, effective, engaging and even fun! 


Learn about my approach 

As a former staff scientist in the public sector, I saw how

poorly-led meetings led to lackluster results, 

 top-down decisions could be challenged, delayed or sabotaged by people who felt left out, and
fear of conflict kept people from sharing their best ideas.
This created a lot of
unnecessary stress and, frankly,
our mission and our health suffered too

What the lack of effective collaboration

is doing to your mission and to you 
just isn't right!

Change your meetings for good!
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