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Are you a professional working in science,
healthcare, public health or related fields? 

Have you experienced any of these challenges?​

  • Poorly-led and unfocused meetings that bore and frustrate you

  • Top-down decisions that are challenged or sabotaged by people who feel left out

  • Fear of conflict or lack of trust that keep people from sharing their best ideas

  • Stalled progress or lost resources because people can't work together

We help professionals in science, healthcare, public health
and related fields 
to create efficient, effective and engaging meetingsworkshops and events 

Schedule a complimentary "Engaging Meetings Consultation" today!

"Stop letting poor meetings delay progress
Help everyone focus and contribute

Start getting better results"

-- Barb Bickford
Owner and principal
Bickford Collaboration

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We serve leaders who want to make a difference

A group picture of lively people after one of Barb's events

Stay focused on progress while we lead the process of your meetings, retreats, workshops and planning sessions

We'll help everyone contribute and shape the outcome

Contact us to share what you would like to have happen

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We design and lead engaging meetings that enable everyone to contribute their expertise and ideas and solve issues collaboratively.  We've led events at the local, state and national level. 

Contact us about what you have in mind. 

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Does your group need a jump start or some time away from urgent business to connect with one another? Or, conversely, do you need time together to focus on doing one thing, like creating a plan?


An online or in-person retreat could help your group move forward with more clarity, connection and purpose. See our Services page for more details. Then contact us. We'd love to hear about what you want to do! 

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A group of people standing and discussing something

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We design and lead custom workshops to fit your goals and your budget, both in person and online. We'll introduce tools and practices for working collaboratively and supporting better working relationships.


Consider the topics below for your conferences, continuing education workshops and staff meetings.  Contact us to describe what you would like to have happen.

Plan Quickly (Intro to Ecocycle Planning)
In this workshop, you and your group will quickly view, organize, and prioritize what you're doing now and identify obstacles and opportunities for progress.  


Increase Engagement in Your Meetings

Experience three versatile easy-to-learn activities that will increase participation in your meetings, while you tackle issues about engagement that are unique to your group.

Improve Communication

Listen and be listened to at a deeper level by using the basics of Clean Language in your group's context, such as healthcare or education. 

Get Just a Little More Rest
Tired people don't work well together. But being well-rested isn't just about getting a good night's sleep! Learn about and experience several types of rest and make your own individual plan for getting just a little more rest.

Create Focused and Productive Meetings
Save time and keep meetings on track with a little forethought and a clear agenda. Pre-empt common ways that meetings go off-track. Raise the bar on your team's meeting practices!

We also serve individuals who want to be better leaders

Barb Bickford wearing a headset and facilitating a training online

Learning meeting leadership skills helps you not only get more done in less time in the meetings you lead, but will also help you be seen and respected, which can advance your career 

Our practical interactive workshops help you collaborate and lead with skill and confidence 

Barb Bickford holding a chime

Check out the Events on the Improve Your Meetings website 
-- Upcoming Events  (scheduled workshops and courses)

-- Custom Events  (events we offer on request)

And be sure to sign up for our emails that include tips for improving your meetings and news about workshops and courses that will help you grow your leadership

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The word "Tips" and a woman leaning over people asking questions about an activity

Do you find it hard to get people to participate in your online meetings? There are simple things you can do that will turn viewers into active contributors. Access our ten tips to foster online engagement (no email required)

The word "Activities" and a woman pointing to a wall with stickies on it.

If planning turns you off, but you need to plan something quickly, you can capture the big picture, choose next steps and more with Ecocycle PlanningAccess the instructions (we ask for your email so we can send a few emails about the Ecocycle)

* Ecocycle Planning is a Liberating Structure created by Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicx and is used under a Creative Commons license

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and Angie Hong

I improved my meetings -- You can too!

Woman smailing broadly and wearing a headset in a Zoom window

I help leaders who struggle to lead truly collaborative meetings
or are frustrated 
with the results of their meetings


Through my consulting,
I guide groups toward strategic clarity and creative solutions
Through my teaching,
I help people collaborate and lead with confidence


Together, we can make your meetings more efficient,

effective, engaging and even fun! 

Learn more about me

Learn about how I foster collaboration 

Bickford Collaboration's logo: a circle of people around two green leaves

As a former staff scientist in the public sector, I saw how

poorly-led meetings, top-down decisions. 
fear of conflict and lack of trust created a lot of unnecessary stress. This impacted not only
our results but also our personal health.

What the lack of effective collaboration

is doing to your mission and to you 
just isn't right!


Want to improve your professional meetings?
Schedule your complimentary conversation

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