Health and science professionals:

Do you want your online meetings to be
more collaborative

If online meetings frustrate you or overwhelm you 
I can help you relax and lead with confidence 

Lead virtual meetings that are 
efficient, effective and engaging

Contact me to examine where you are, 
clarify what you want and determine next steps

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What the lack of effective collaboration

is doing to public health and the environment 

and to you just isn't right

   What do you want?  

Stop wasting time in meetings
and start making a real difference
I can help you lead with confidence
Online, I work with English speakers anywhere 
In person, I work primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin
In your free "Lead Meetings with Confidence" session, we'll:
Examine where you are: your strengths and opportunities
Clarify what you want: your aspirations, goals and desired results
Determine your next steps toward being a confident collaborative leader
Start stepping into confidence!
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