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   What others say  

Barb's experience in leading teams, facilitating meetings and designing workshops is reflected in these testimonials  

"A great facilitator!!!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to see Barb in action as a facilitator at conference in Maryland where the topic was the Ebola crisis. She was able to energize a group of people - approx 70 , many who did not know each other --

which turned out great as we all contributed to the conversation.  

More recently, I engaged Barb for a smaller meeting with a group of medical waste regulators from around the US.

From the initial conversation to the actual event, a period of 4 months, her enthusiasm, her inputs and organization for items for the meeting were incredible. She kept me on task !!! and she kept the group on task during our two day meeting.

She understands what needs to be the general structure of meetings so a group can achieve maximum ROI.

Can't wait to use her talents again!"

   Ed Krisiunas, medical waste management consultant, WNWN International   

"Barb was a well-respected medical and pharmaceutical waste regulator and now excels at group facilitation. Recently, she used skills from both worlds to deftly guide our sometime fractious group of state regulators and industry experts through a two-day program regarding applicability of current regulations for the treatment and disposal of medical and other biohazardous waste, including disaster preparedness situations involving biological agents.

Barb's blend of small and large group work was integral to our progress covering a large topic range and her skill at managing individual presentations vs. group cross talk was key to maintaining the flow of ideas while preventing chaos.

"I strongly recommend Barb for anyone in need of group facilitation."

  Paul Warden, Vice President and Director of Operations at Analytical Services, Inc  

"Barb did a fabulous job of moving us towards thoughtful solutions."

   C.M., state regulator   

"As Barb's manager for several years, I relied on her skills, wisdom and experience to carry out the  DNR's medical waste management and reduction program.  She was an outstanding employee and no one knows more

about medical waste reduction and the management of infectious waste than Barb. She will make a spectacular consultant, given her deep knowledge of the technical issues, her understanding of people and organizations, and her work ethic."

  Brad Wolbert, Bureau Director, Wisconsin DNR  

"Back when we were pioneering how to assist healthcare facilities in identifying hazardous pharmaceutical waste and managing it appropriately, Barb was always ready to help us, whether from a regulatory perspective, working with the WDNR, or at the grassroots level. 

"Barb spearheaded changes to Wisconsin's medical waste rule that addressed the issues around trace chemotherapy waste, making Wisconsin one of the few leaders in doing so.  She also worked tirelessly with the University of Wisconsin Extension to develop a program for reducing pharmaceutical waste, and successively transferred it to the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center (HERC). 

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"On a more personal level, Barb is one of the nicest people I know, and is consistently ready to offer her 'best self' to others for the benefit of the common good. She can motivate groups and individuals, and encourage them to stretch their goals and achieve them."

  Charlotte Smith, President, GreatWorks LLC (founder of PharmEcology)  

"I worked with Barb in setting up a Hazardous Waste Management in Healthcare workshop in 2005, when

everyone was learning so much about this. I had a presenter cancel on me at the last minute and Barb,

without missing a beat, had a presentation ready with her and we ended up having a wonderful, informative day!

"Barb is very knowledgeable and easy to work with and she presents information in a down to earth way.

She is passionate about the environment and you can’t help but catch the bug!"

  Angela Flemming, Dietary/Environmental Services Director at The Richland Hospital Inc  .

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