Your authentic leadership is beautiful and strong

As your presence and skills grow, your group will thrive

I can help you grow

I can help you gain personal confidence and leadership skills by...


Listening with curiosity Your goals, concerns, experiences and values form and inform your leadership. I accept you as you are and will invite you to take the next step. 

Sharing practical resources  As your guide, I will share my skills, experience, strength and hope -- how I have met personal challenges and transformed my own leadership.  I offer resources that are easy to learn, accessible in the moment and effective. 

Offering high quality training  You will learn by doing. I offer just enough theory to help you grasp the concept, then we explore the concept together and discuss what we have learned. 

Using creativity  Meetings that we design together will tap your group's creativity. Meetings and courses I facilitate will help you grow and access you inner wisdom through self-expression, journaling, conversation and art.

Going deep when necessary  If you sense there is something holding you back, my "deep listening" sessions can help transform limiting beliefs (e.g., "I can't", "I'm not good enough") rooted in your past.

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