Projects for individuals

Examples of how I have helped support

 personal health through better meetings

Health coach moving online

Guided an entrepreneur health coach who wanted to move online during the COVID19 pandemic.  Shared best practices and co-created an interactive program designed help her particpants feel at ease and to support one another. Served as the tech host for four events. Created a template for her sessions so she could run them easily. Facilitated a personal reflection activity for her guests. 

Support group in county jail

Co-founded a support group for women in a medium security county Jail. Supervised a team of volunteer meeting leaders. Recruited and screened over 30 volunteers over the first three years. Coordinated the group's activities with the jail staff.  Facilitated meetings in the jail approximately once a month for seven years.

Art and conversation workshop

In collaboration with a local intuitive artist, co-created and co-led a 6 hour workshop designed to allow the inner self to speak through journaling, conversation and painting. 

How can I help you create meetings and events that will support health? 

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