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Transformation from within

"We are being asked to become transforming agents within human society rather than revolutionary ones acting outside it." -- Esther de Waal

What does it mean to transform a group from within? Where do we start? For me, it means starting with myself. Seeing things as they really are and not how I want them to be. Admitting I need help, then asking for and accepting help. Recognizing my part in the group system and how I have harmed members of my group by my actions or inaction. Making amends by changing my own behavior. It's not easy to go first. It's not pretty. Sometimes I don't make needed changes until my back is up against the wall. But if I want my group to change, then I too must change, from within.

A labyrinth
Labyrinths are paths that lead a person to the center and out again, inviting a person to change from within.


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