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About words that start with C...

Are you getting a little tired of that word that starts with the letter C (coronovirus)? Me too! Let's talk about other C words. Here are three I'm paying attention to:

Connection -- Despite appearances, many things have not changed. Spring is still coming. The stars are still shining. Our pets still love us. Connecting with each other or with nature (even looking at a photo for a minute or so) can calm us down enough to take the next right step toward solving a problem or taking care of ourselves. I'm aiming to start every meeting or phone call with a few minutes of human connection.

Conversation -- Clear, candid and caring conversation. We need it. And when we hear it, even from a stranger, we trust it. Speaking with vulnerability builds trust, and trust is the foundation of group work. I'm inviting myself and others to set aside defensive snarky comments and talk care-fully about what's going on. And to listen.

Common purpose -- Having a shared purpose for action is the essence of collaboration. It's amazing what groups (whether of 2 or 2 billion) can do when they share a common goal. While we may be tempted to hunker down in our separateness, we do have a choice about that. I'm looking for the non-controversial purpose in every conversation.

What words are you paying attention to? (Starting with any letter.) Please share!

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