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A Manifesto for Online Collaboration

Updated: May 2

Light is coming through the fog of boring ineffective online meetings!

Today, we are releasing a Manifesto for Online Collaboration that values trusting relationships, participative processes, blended forms of engagement, iterative change and even fun.

I’m proud to be among the authors of the Manifesto. We know what is possible. Read the manifesto! Join by signing on. Go to:


Judy Rees, Matt Barnaby, Elise Keith, Steve McCann, Dennis Vergne, Pilar Orti, Mark Kilby, Brian Tarallo, Heather Martinez, Kirsten Clacey, Orla Cronin, Richard Dyter, Richard Kasperowski, Christina Hartikainen, Shane Hastie, Chris Pitts, Cliff Pollan, Ian Webster, Bob Sarni, Barb Bickford

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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