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Open Minds: Learn, Work and Achieve More Together

Stay calm when other people see things differently than you do

Shift disagreements into curious discussions
Lead your group/team/board to constructive outcomes

Open Minds: Learn, Work and Achieve More Together

In your first live session online, you'll meet a cohort of up to 16 peers
to explore how the mindset and skills of being open-minded
can help you and the groups you serve  


You'll follow up this live session with eight self-paced lessons on the OpenMind Platform, an evidence-based approach to constructive dialogue

In the second live session, you'll reflect on what you've learned
and explore how being open-minded can
 help you in your own context  

Both live sessions will included guided large and small group
discussions designed to be valuable, personal, interactive and fun!

 Open Minds: Learn, Work and Achieve More Together


  • Explore how you and others can be more open-minded

  • Join a small cohort of up to 16 learner on two lively and interactive sessions on Zoom (90 mins each)

  • Interact on the OpenMind Platform in eight half-hour lessons at your own pace over four weeks

  • Practice the skills so you can develop your open-mind muscles in the cohort and (optionally) after every other lesson in the OpenMind Platform.

  • Practice on contemporary issues of your choice, knowing that your answers and data are kept strictly confidential on the Open Mind Platform

  • Experience a scaleable, evidence-based approach known to help people communicate constructively across differences

  • Measure your progress with pre- and post-course assessments

  • Check out the science behind open- and closed-mindedness

  • Increase your understanding of diverse perspectives and world views

  • Help shape the next version of this course

  • Receive support from those in your cohort about your next steps

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"It used to be difficult for me to talk calmly with people who disagreed with me, so I would simply avoid those conversations.


The course helped me understand why these conversations are so difficult and gave me practical skills for how to approach hard conversations with humility and curiosity.


Soon after taking the course, I was praised at work for my ability to stay calm during a high-stakes tough disagreement. 


-- Rose, Arts Administrator


Q.  What exactly does the OpenMind Platform course cover? 


The program distills rigorous behavioral science research into engaging, practical and actionable insights. The eight lessons are:

   Lesson 1: Explore the inner workings of the mind
   Lesson 2: Uncover the roots of our differences

   Lesson 3: Cultivate intellectual humility

   Lesson 4: Welcome diverse perspectives

   Lesson 5: Explore other worldviews

   Lesson 6: Challenge the culture of contempt

   Lesson 7: Manage emotions during difficult conversations

   Lesson 8: Master difficult conversations

To learn more: go to OpenMind Platform content 


Q.  If I can’t attend the zoom sessions, will there be recordings?

No. Guided discussions in large and small groups are essential benefits of this course. If you cannot participate, we encourage you to register for a future course better suited to your schedule. Or, ask us lead this workshop for your group/team/board on dates you choose. Let us know what would work for you! 

When you do sign up, plan to join for the full time with camera on and without distractions, so you can participate fully in discussions, practice the skills and get personalized support from your peers.


Q. The OpenMind Platform allows individuals to go through the lessons at no cost.  Is that an option for those who can’t attend the zoom sessions?


Yes, of course! However, the Platform's individual option only includes the eight lessons. It does not include the Platform's peer-to-peer practice sessions or the pre- and post-course assessments. And it does not include our interactive live Zoom sessions and cohort, both of which will support you in learning the skills and applying them in your life. 

Q.  Is this a weekly meeting?

No. we will meet for 90 minutes in February and 90 minutes in March. Everything in between is self-paced on the OpenMind Platform (OMP), and you can do it anytime, starting whenever you receive the access code, which will likely be a few days before the first session on Zoom. If need be, you can even do the OMP lessons after the second zoom session. 

Q.  What's your relationship with the Open Mind Platform? 

I will buy the licences to use the Open Mind Platform on behalf of those who take this workshop. I have no other relationship with the OMP, and I receive no benefit from promoting it. I simply recognize it's a well-crafted and balanced tool to help people learn how to speak up when they have differences of opinion.  It has helped me, and I hope you find it helps you too. 


Barb brings both exceptional skill and knowledge
to her work, as well as a deep dedication to excellence. 

She constantly strives to learn better approaches
and to deliver outstanding service
while mindfully tending to the needs of all
participants and sponsors.


--- Sandy Salvo, facilitator and health coach 

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