We can facilitate any of the transformational workshops offered on the Events page or design one specifically for your group or organization. 

For individuals ​

Grow as a person and as a leader through these insight-filled workshops and conversations:

  • Integral reviews Want some feedback on your leadership from an encouraging person? Ask us to do an "Integral Review" of a meeting you lead.  We'll give positive feedback and suggest things you might try to enhance your presence, your group's culture, what you are doing and how you are doing it. 

  • Intuitive Art and Conversations  Use intuitive art, journaling and conversation to explore transitions such as bereavement, recovery from addiction, changes in relationships, job loss or retirement. If you recruit 6 or more participants, you can attend for free!  Contact us to discuss possibilities and rates. Examples (see Events):

    • The Masks We Wear

    • Transitions and New Beginnings

    • Loss and Letting Go

  • Deep listening ​ Explore how traumas you experienced or decisions made in the past still influence you today. Those self-limiting patterns seem so difficult to change, yet, through gentle and non-judgmental awareness, you can become unstuck. 

For organizations ​

Grow your organization through effective and highly interactive ​events:

  • Professional meetings  Get more done in less time!  We can design and execute effective and interactive meetings that minimize power differentials, foster trust, invite buy-in and accountability, harness great ideas from usually quiet participants and move your group forward.  

  • Workshops  Develop your team, create a networking event, host a symposium.  Get expert advice on how to make your event memorable and transformative. We design events and can lead them.  (Note, for your events, we'd focus on the content and process of the event itself, not the logistics of marketing, venue, etc.)

  • Facilitation training Learn how to facilitate meetings by attending a custom-designed workshop or through the five-day Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration workshop in Madison, Wisconsin. 

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