Host a workshop

Want to offer a transformational meeting, event or workshop?

Feel overwhelmed about how to do it online?

I can guide you from start to finish

For organizations ​

  • Professional meetings  Stop wasting time in meetings!  I can help you plan and execute effective engaging meetings that move your group forward.  

  • Workshops  Develop your team, create a networking event, host a symposium.  I'll help you make your event memorable and transformative. (Note, I focus on the content and process of the workshop or event itself, not the logistics, marketing or sales)

  • Facilitation training Overcome your fears of leading meetings. Learn how to facilitate meetings by attending a custom-designed workshop or through courses I contract-teach for others. 

For individuals ​

​Help yourself or others connect and thrive. 


  • Public events Do you want to host an online event about your product or services or cause? I can guide you through planning it and be there to help you focus on your guests by managing the technical details.

  • Private events If your club or family wants to host an online reunion or memorial service, I can help you make it interactive and memorable. 

  • Intuitive Art and Conversations  I collaborate with artists to use art, journaling and conversation to explore transitions such as bereavement, recovery from addiction, changes in relationships, job loss or retirement. If you recruit 6 or more participants, you can attend for free!  Contact me to discuss possibilities and rates. Examples (see Events):

    • The Masks We Wear

    • Transitions and New Beginnings

    • Loss and Letting Go

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