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Developing teams

Whether your group or team is just getting
started or well-established
I can help the group move forward

Foster healthy groups  Help your group members trust one another, disagree constructively and be committed and accountable.  

Address challenges  Face and resolve challenges such as working remotely, dominance, lack of support, environmental issues and more.

Start a team  Connect members with themselves, the team and its purpose.  (I recommend that healthcare organizations review Practice Greenhealth's Building the Sustainability Team.)

What others say
Steve Brachman (2).jpg

Barb brings a unique and effective set of skills and enthusiasm

to any project she tackles. It was my good fortune to have

worked with her for over 25 years to further sustainable solutions to pressing environmental problems. For example:

Barb used her expert facilitation skills to build enthusiasm

for a new way of managing waste medications as co-coordinator of Wisconsin’s Pharmaceutical Waste Working Group (PWWG), serving as the WI Department of Natural Resources’ partner in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Extension.

Her leadership skills led to the formation and development of
WI Healthcare for a Healthy Environment (WH2E) and the PWWG.


She trained and supervised college student

pollution prevention interns in their work at hospitals.

Utilizing her excellent teaching skills, Barb led numerous

state and national workshops on medical waste reduction

and mercury elimination.


No matter what the challenge, you can always count on Barb to deliver!

--Steve Brachman, Retired, University of Wisconsin Extension


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