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Designing events

If you want different results,

you have to do things differently

I can help you plan a meeting or event that is effective, efficient and engaging (fun!). 

You can 
relax, knowing that your meeting will:

  -- get more done in less time 

  -- foster trust and accountability

  -- create connections  

  -- generate lively participation


I will teach you to use Liberating Structures -- easy-to-learn facilitation micro-structures that quickly invite engagement, build connection and foster trust. 

I will provide a detailed outline of the meeting plan, and debrief the meeting with you afterward. 

Tips:  You can get better results just by improving your meeting environment.   

  • In person: Carefully choose the shape and arrangements of tables; round tables invite participation. Add the presence of plants, fresh air and sunlight. Adjust the room temperature. 

  • Online: Play music, take stretch breaks, and encourage people to attend to their comfort. Use breakout rooms. Include photos of nature as virtual backgrounds, or have a plant visible behind you. 

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