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Simple and Effective Ways
to Increase Engagement

Connect your group to its purpose

Gather input efficiently and from everyone

Make sense of what happened and what to do next

Simple and Effective Ways
to Increase Engagement

Join us for 90 minutes to experience
three activities 
that can improve  your meetings


Simple and Effective Ways
to Increase Engagement


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Participants will...

  • Experience versatile and easy-to-learn activities that both help everyone contribute AND use time efficiently

  • Learn how to hold online meetings that leave people energized, not fatigued


"If you'd like to learn about and experiment with three of the most useful Liberating Structures with Barb's guidance and interpretative teaching -- take this workshop!" 


-- past participant


Q. Who may attend this course? 


While primarily for X, it may also benefit Y.




Q.  What exactly does the workshop cover? 


The Workshop is primarily about experience, not content.  You wil participate in the three activities then reflect on how they might help your group to engage more. 


Q.  If I can’t attend the zoom session, will there be a recording?

No, the workshop will not be recorded.  The live discussions in large and small groups are essential benefits of this course, 

When you do sign up, plan to join the workshop on a Laptop or Desktop computer, with camera on and without distractions, so you can participate fully.  


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Barb Bickford is the founder and principal of Bickford Collaboration, LLC. She is a group facilitator, educator and scientist working at the intersection of people, science and health.


Barb suspects that the prospect of leading or enduring ineffective meetings discourages people from volunteering to step into leadership of non-profits and other groups. She is out to change meetings for good – from now on and for the good of all! 


Barb loves gardening, canoeing and playing music with friends. She is learning to play the mandolin. Wish her luck. 

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