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Photo credit:  Steve Brachman

"Barb has a combination of skill and soul, knowledge and wisdom,
and integrity and compassion so rarely found together in one.” 
– Alfredo Sotomayor, laboratory manager

IMG_3336 (2).jpg

Comments from workshop participants

  • I love Barb's sense of humor and her easy-going style.

  • One of the finest courses I have taken!

  • Materials were well-prepared, clear, and will be easy to refer to as we continue our practice.

  • I loved Barb's approach to this -- it was fun and engaging without being pretentious. 

  • She took us as we are and helped us to grow. 

  • I appreciated the relevant material and format, the variety of engaging activities, and the willingness to adapt to the group's needs. 

  • Very professional! 

Photo credit:  Darin Harris

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