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Are you feeling stuck?

Do you want to nurture a new idea?

When things change unexpectedly, do you wonder what to do next?

Perhaps you're a non-profit leader who wants to examine your organization's fundraising strategy. Or you're an entrepreneur who needs insight about why your marketing plan isn't working. Or you always wanted to move to Paris, and wonder what it would take to really do it.


Try looking at your situation through the lens of the cycle of life using the Ecocycle. It will help you see what you are exploring, implementing, enjoying and feeling frustrated about, in one clear picture. 

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"Barb has a combination of skill and soul, knowledge and wisdom,
and integrity and compassion so rarely found together in one.” 
– Alfredo Sotomayor, laboratory manager

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Comments from workshop participants

  • I love Barb's sense of humor and her easy-going style.

  • One of the finest courses I have taken!

  • Materials were well-prepared, clear, and will be easy to refer to as we continue our practice.

  • I loved Barb's approach to this -- it was fun and engaging without being pretentious. 

  • She took us as we are and helped us to grow. 

  • I appreciated the relevant material and format, the variety of engaging activities, and the willingness to adapt to the group's needs. 

  • Very professional! 

Photo credit:  Darin Harris